My Philosophy

Everyone at some time in life is forced to face hardship, pain, loss or fear which depending on the intensity can result in anxiety, anger, depression or a host of other negative feelings which can lead to behaviors which are counter productive to their happiness and well being. A counselor can help you address problems that are causing emotional distress.

I believe that counseling with the right therapist can help a person develop insight and understanding of their problems or issues which have led to emotional distress. Often recognizing how past experiences have shaped the present and may impact the future give a person motivation to make changes. My role as a therapist is to guide, collaborate and encourage you to make hard choices, try new behaviors and get the outcomes you are searching for.


How is a professional Clinical Social Worker different for a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Counselor?

As a clinical social worker, my training is in counseling, social issues, children and family development as well as how systems work. This makes it a bit broader than some disciplines. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental illnesses, prescribes medication and often refers clients to counselors, psychologist or social workers. A psychologist specializes in testing and also does counseling, they can either have their doctorate or a masters. A counselor is trained to do many things from medical social work, marriage and family therapy, group counseling or even non profit work.


My definition of behavioral health therapy/ counseling?

I believe through the process of counseling a person gains insight and understanding into how thoughts and behaviors can negatively impact our current life and our future. Often our past, our childhood and upbringing as well as experience and losses impact how we cope with day to day challenges. Through counseling I will guide you towards making the life changes necessary to improve your sense of well being. In a supportive, respectful and confidential environment you can sort out life challenges, increase self confidence improve coping skills and find a more productive path in life.